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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> allegations of drinking and gambling on the job. more than one dozen city employees arrested and now facing charges. good evening. i am devereaux wiener. within 13 department of transportation employees were
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arrested. kim dacey is live with the details. >> and deborah, police are not sure how long this alleged gambling had been going on. there were contacted yesterday to help assist with the arrest. they went with it the office of inspector general to go to the department of shares irritation building and found a 13 employees assigned to the special events section rolling dice and drinking champagne. the confiscated $6,300 cash from the floor. all of this on kempe anytime. all 13 -- all this on company time of. one man george witte assaulting -- one man is charged with assaulting an oig employee. >> they are splendid to work and perform a service.
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>> -- they are supposed to work and perform a service. reporting live in east baltimore, kim dacey, of wbal-tv 11 news. >> reporting an early morning stabbing. a 21-year-old man showed up around 2:30 a.m. and had been stabbed on the chest. no word on his condition, or a possible motive. involving a barricade situation yesterday in the 2700 block of railroad. he held his girlfriend hostage after the two got into an argument. walker turned himself in. members of the baltimore city fire department spend part of the day educating about fire safety after a fire claimed one man's life. roger carter was killed when flames broke through on
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springdale ave. today, they've knocked on doors in the neighborhood offering advice and checking and installing smoke alarms. >> this is just to provide them with the in churns -- the information to keep themselves and their families safe from the danger of fire. and >> if you or someone you need is in need of a working smoke alarm, visit your local fire station. >> and a lot of buzz out there to an early spring-snow event. i hesitate calling it that. a storm is on the way in and right now it is mostly rained. the air has been called. as soon as the temperatures drop, we stand a fairly decent chance of getting some snow out of this. we are just about to start getting kinds now. this shows an area of high pressure on how far south this
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will be. details of the insta-weather + forecast are coming out, so stick around. >> one political pioneer has lost her 12-year-old daughter -- battle with blood cancer. ferraro died at a local hospital. we have a look at her life and accomplishments. >> no woman had never been there before. the democratic candidate for vice president. >> america is a land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> and geraldine ferraro became a running mate in 1984. >> vice-president has such a nice ring to it. >> this is an exciting tourist. [applause] -- an exciting choice. >> she was the daughter of an italian immigrant in the new york congresswoman.
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>> i spent six years in congress so i know the issues. >> could you push the nuclear button? >> i can do whatever is necessary in order to protect the security of this country. >> gender became a campaign issue and she fought back. >> let me help you between the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. >> let me just say, first of all, that i write -- i resent that you need to teach me about foreign policy. a landslide came that november when bush and reagan were reelected. her husband, john zaccaro, convicted for financial fraud. in 1998, she was diagnosed with an incurable form of a bone marrow cancer. >> i do not want to have a big
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"c" on my face. i am still going to go on. >> a writer come up local commentator, a grandmother who said she was back with no regrets. >> my marriage has been spectacular. my kids are wonderful. i look at what comes next. for me, i believe strongly in an afterlife. i am literally perfectly content. >> draw the ferraro gave women a big victory just being in the race. nbc news, washington. >> ferraro became very close friends with barbara mikulski when they were in the congress together. there were only 17 women in congress. >> i liked her tomato sauce and toss the. she liked the fact that perot be
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was a lot like -- pierogi is a lot like ravioli. she is survived by her husband and children. president obama used his weekly internet and radio address to reassure americans that libya will not become a third war front. the u.s. will remain involved, but beginning monday nato forces and a canadian general will be in charge. brian mooar has the latest on this from washington. >> british defense video shows the kind of punishment will market dock the's punishment will be taking if they defied a u.n. order. -- the kind of punishment that will face.roops president obama is still explaining this. >> we are succeeding. we have taken out the libyan air defenses. his forces are no longer dancing.
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>> nato is expected to take over on monday with a canadian in the lead. it is a three-star general and no stranger to working with americans. >> to be the nato commander conducting the actions in the middle east. >> if you had asked me if we should jump in the late, i would say now. once we jump in the lake, i say swim as fast as you can. >> they say the u.s. did not do enough quickly enough. others are ready to fight to keep the united states safe. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> the house today passes dozens of bills. -- look at some of them. today marks the beginning of
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the annual cherry blossom festival.
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>> volunteers of all ages can at the plant fires today at the brookline home neighborhood in the south baltimore. -- came out to plant flowers today. >> we just want to show everyone that we are a church that cares about people. we went to help however we can. >> they take part in the one big project each month. in april, they are having a gas giveaway day. that will be popular. the house of delegates met for three hours today to give a final approval to dozens of bills. among them, one that would allow binaries to directly shipped to
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consumers. liquor retailers have been fighting this for years. they also passed a gender identity discrimination bill which allows people to file complaints. both now heading to the senate. also a bill limiting credit checks has passed and the senate has already proved that one. he is here. what do you have? >> lacrosse. one week ago, hopkins suffered heart break. today they beat no. two and maybe the game of the year is what follows. we will check on that next in sports. >> in a little snow on the way. some of that will accumulate, mostly to the south. we would be the details coming up. right now, mostly clear skies. a little chilly. only 45 at the airport and downtown.
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>> even though it does not feel like it, spring has sprung and so have the beat of a japanese
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cherry blossoms. a special event will be held during this year's festival to raise money for relief efforts in japan. born than 1 million people are expected to check out the trees tuesday-friday. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a little snow gets in the cherry blossoms, it will add it to the lightness of the trees. i am trying to put a good spin on what is coming. in baltimore, we are not seriously threatened. most of this bill passed to the south. right now, beginning to see some high clouds come in. you can see on the satellite imagery, extreme southwest virginia, sums -- some sure our activity. that is right at the moment because temperatures are above the freezing point. by the time this moisture gets their baltimore, are temperatures will be closer to freezing and any precipitation
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will have to drop a few more degrees. let's check out what happened today so far. with below average for the season. typically 57 would be the high and we are limited to 46 at the airport and 47 at the inner harbor. the airport got down to 28. today was very similar to yesterday as far as the way the brain waves. indianapolis, easton, 42-43. parkton 39, westminster 41. right around freezing then the clouds begin to filter in and the rain is way to the south of us. some thunderstorms associated, but the low will try pretty far south down in georgia and south carolina. we will be on the top edge of this storm. high pressure -- added to the middle atlantic region. this is what is deflecting the
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storm and holding it to the south which is responsible for the cold air. this will keep most of the stops out the laws, but it will bring in the cold air which means a thing we do get is more than likely going to be snow. tonight, cloudy skies, light snow developing probably after midnight or 2:00 p.m. north, northeast winds at a 3-7 miles per hour. looking ahead in the forecast, we see at 3:00 a.m. snow coming into the area so we are just on the north edge in baltimore by daybreak. by noon, the snow is gone south of baltimore and still in the southern portion of maryland but then we drive out with a little weather disturbance to the south on monday, but it does not look to be a big issue. advisers out for southern maryland and most of the eastern shore for snow accumulation. in baltimore, we could get trace amounts of to 1 inch or better.
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more substantial snow will be down in virginia and parts of west virginia. 42 degrees tomorrow. in baltimore, accumulation of less than 1 inch. dry on tuesday. 51 and right wednesday. rain chances thursday but we will be in the fifth epoxy for -- in the 50's for highs. >> less than one week until opening day. decent pitching today against the rays. 2 runs allowed. they got the job done at the plate and the mound. roberts getting a good look at the young tampa pitcher. b.robs rocks the rookie. orioles trailing 2-1 to tampa. gets the gap. the ball brings him in.
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o's bring in 5 in th 8th. 7-2 final. the key of a young team is to learn from mistakes. john hopkins battled falling to no. 1 in overtime. they could not hold on to the lead. the next test? second-ranked virginia. this time, at home. not afraid to intimidate. in third, hopkins returns the favor with goals galore. 8-3. virginia made the run. you cannot stop what you cannot see. tied at 9. extra man goal. a big blast. virginia leading 10-9. lee coppersmith, great dodge.
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game tied 11 apiece. look at the great feed. fish sticks and a hat trick. 12 seconds left. virginia from behind the net. one stop. two stop. three stop. win. a great game. hopkins knocks off the virginia 12-11 the final. #5 north carolina, the first quarter. nice pick work. maryland scored the first crocker of the game. tar heels of charging back. they forgot. caps up going into the half. billy bitter? no. to pat foster? yes. terps cannot recover.
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11-6 the final. division iii lacross. posting scranton, not a division of the dunder mifflin. fancy for the purpose. up 6-2 after 1. unloading. 28 shot fakes later, mustangs again. a blow out. 21-7 final. not much going well for japan. the earthquake/tsunami has them in the worst shape of. horse racing is not on the minds of the japanese, but they may enjoy this. the dubai world cup. a $10 million purse. three japanese forces entered into the race -- horses in the race with an italian jockey
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on board. wins. a 10:1 bet and tears of joy. stay with us. 11 news continues right after this. i live on these beaches, day in and day out. we've been renting umbrellas and chairs here in gulf shores and orange beach for 27 years. we were starting to get ready for the season and then we heard the news. but bp said they were going to clean it up. they kept their word. the beaches are clean, our snowbirds are happy, my employees are busy. it's a great feeling. man, i can't wait for another season. come on down. we're open for business.
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>> tonight, lawmakers are running out of time for legislation. the house of delegates have passes dozens of bills. we take a look at some of them now heading to the senate. now heading to the senate. 13 city workers arrested for [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands, which have up to 40% sand, sawdust, even gravel, turf builder has no filler.
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>> spring has sprung a but someone did not get the memo. >> around midnight tonight, we may get some light snow. probably less than 1 inch. to the south of here around annapolis and washington, you could get more than 1 inch. the right to bar is 42 and we should recover nicely monday and tuesday. -- the height tomorrow is at 42. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tonight again at 11. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 news from president and general manager, dan joerres. >> orioles fans are preparing for an exciting season ahead. they have been ranked by the volume of moods and they made and the volume of quality of players. key acquisitions make the orioles a contender. fans are ready to hear the crack of the bat and the swell of the crowd when one is tripped over in the camden yards. this maybe this season fans have
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long for over the past decade. add wbal-tv, we are ready for opening day. our radio partners are well poised for orioles bay -- baseball and you can make it to the stadium. if the momentum as spring training continues,, october black and orange will not only represent halloween but the representatives of the american league in the world series -- the
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